What happens with the LGBT rights in Cuba?

In a Communist country the Government allows you to “express yourself” as long as your speech suits them.

Since the beginning of the Cuban revolutionary process in 1959 and led by the late Dictator Fidel Castro. The current Government was in charge of excluding, persecuting and attacking people only for having different tastes and preferences. In Cuba, not only homosexuals were humiliated and oppressed, also Christians, musicians and writers. 

Ernesto "Che" Guevara… The murderer of the cabin.

By this name he was called Fidel's right hand man at that time. The man in charge of executing any Cuban who opposed the communist measures taken by the revolutionary leader. The executions were carried out in a very popular place in Havana called "the cabin", hence the nickname. Even today the number of Cubans shot at the hands of Ernesto Che Guevara is unknown, but the story does not end here. Between 1965 and 1968, the UMAP (Military Unit for Production Assistance) was created in Cuba. These were concentration camps where Fidel forced more than 25,000 young Cubans to stay with the justification that the revolution needed strong men to work for help the country's economy but it was all a lie. Fidel, like Che, both hated homosexuals, lesbians, Christians, and artists in general, because they had a different way of thinking than the Government. All these young Cubans were imprisoned in these concentration camps and forced to perform forced labor against their will.

These concentration camps were quite far from the city, so young people were forced to stay away from their relatives for long periods of time, in addition, forced labor was not remunerated and these people had to work for free as a form of punishment for their preference. Sexual or ideological. Despite the fact that homosexuality was not recognized and accepted in the world in the 60s, countries did not build prisons for these people as if it took place in Cuba but this was not enough for Fidel and it transported hatred to society.

As I have always explained to you, Communism is an ideology that promotes hatred and confusion, in this way, the Government can manipulate people in conflict.

Fidel was in charge of delivering various speeches where he practically denigrated homosexuals, accusing them of being weak and useless for society, this resulted in people in Cuba beginning to hate homosexuals or people who simply dressed differently or listened to rock music. Although this was not enough...

The accursed Dictator Fidel publicly approved acts of repudiation against homosexuals.

These acts consisted of which people could insult homosexuals in any place without any consequences. Imagine that the president of your country creates a law where he allows a group of people to insult others? This was done by Fidel, a fact for which he never publicly apologized to the affected people years later. The videos of all these acts of repudiation are unusual, many are stored on the Internet where you can see groups of people on both sides of the street shouting horrors at homosexuals, something simply inhuman! 

This situation sadly was transported to the Cuban Universities where thousands of young Cuban university students were victims of harassment due to their sexual preference, some young people simply dropped out of their studies but many others committed suicide by not enduring discrimination in the same way, there were thousands of Cuban mothers lost their children to a homophobic named Fidel.

Faced with the protests of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) and international institutions, the UMAP is ended 3 years after it was created. An unpleasant fact in the history of Cuba.

What is happening today with homosexuals and lesbians in Cuba?​ *In Cuba, same-sex marriages are not legal or recognized by law.

At present, homosexuals lack human rights like the rest of the Cuban population. On many occasions the Dictatorship prohibit meetings or parades in the streets of the country and when the participants try to protest for their rights they are beaten and fined by the political police. In Cuba there are organizations that supposedly defend the rights of these people, but that is a lie.
The organization that must protect the LGBT community in Cuba (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) is not private. It is directed by Mariela Castro, daughter of the Dictator Raúl Castro, brother of the late Fidel Castro. The main function of this organization is to obtain money from international organizations and thus increase the family fortune. Mariela Castro is a woman who does not represent the values ​​of Cuban women, she herself is classified as an opportunistic, cynical, hypocritical and liar person.

The repression against homosexuals in Cuba was an imitation of that which existed in some communist countries in Eastern Europe, such as Bulgaria. It seems that Raúl Castro brought the concept of UMAP from there in one of the many trips that he undertook through the communist bloc.
There is something in the personality of the Castro's, a kind of moral order against homosexuals, against people who liked pop and rock music, against cabarets, against that way of life that Cubans had before 1959 and that it did not adapt to a certain morality that they wanted to implant, of the new communist man. In Cuba, people's natural rights are trampled on.

​1- Right to life
2- Right to the Freedom
3- Right to private property

In this way the Government imposes its laws by force and enslaves an entire country but one day the Cuban people will get tired of so much abuse.