Who really was Ernesto Che Guevara?

Would you wear a t-shit with the image of Adolf Hitler? Well, wearing a t-shirt with the image of "Che" has the same meaning.

Che's slogan has been used all over the world as a symbol of the new Socialist man, deceiving millions of people who do not know the true story that revolves around this man. Unfortunately, thousands of Cubans suffered the wrath of this murderer and I believe that it is my task as a Cuban to explain the truth to many of you. If, after reading everything that will be presented in this article below, you continue to believe that Che was a hero who fought for human rights, you better check yourself.

The beginning.

This man was born in Rosario Argentina, he was a doctor and obtained Cuban nationality after fighting alongside Fidel in 1959. It is a figure that has been magnified all over the world. He is considered a revolutionary hero, a romantic, a humanist, when in reality he has been one of the main responsible for the executions that occurred in 1959 and even earlier, when he was in the Sierra Maestra fighting with Fidel Castro.

"A revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by hatred itself"

When the Cuban revolution triumphed in 1959, Che carried out a wave of executions throughout the country. In very few cases, trials were held against the people involved, who were accused of having been part of the previous Government led by the military officer Fulgencio Batista. In most cases, death sentences were handed down without any evidence. Those responsible for creating a myth around the figure of Che were Fidel Castro and a series of European, North American and Latin American intellectuals, who elevated him to the category of a perfect being, the most complete being of our era, as the French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre said. Che Guevara wrote in his travel diary through Latin America during his first trip in 1951-1952: "I will slaughter all my enemies". 

This is never mentioned in any film related to this man, apparently it is not relevant for many. In the same way, he writes in his message to the Tricontinental (organization in charge of spreading communism) in 1967, shortly before he died in Bolivia.

"The revolutionary must be a killing machine."

All his speeches are full of that kind of death cult, of course he always talks about the death of others, not his own. He himself declared publicly in the eyes of the world at the United Nations in 1964 the following:

"We have killed, we kill and we will continue killing as long as necessary"

These words came from the humanist's mouth of millions defend. For me it is something that is absolutely inadmissible.
Ernesto was a man who was willing to kill for his ideas without any compassion. We only got to know the human part of him when he was captured in Bolivia by the Bolivian Army and he shouts:

"Don't shoot! I am Che Guevara, I am worth more alive than dead!"

When Che had hundreds of people executed in the La Cabaña fortress in Havana in 1959, (more than 200 executions) at that time there was no resistance, the war was over. Batista's army had been defeated. The executions were carried out in cold blood without any compassion! In the previous Dictatorship before 1959 there were pity. There was even an amnesty for Fidel Castro himself when he was put in prison. This piety did not exist during the regime of Fidel and Raúl Castro where the executions were carried out without any mercy. It is not a matter of war, there were no confrontations with each other, it was a simple revenge and a will to blood by the Castro regime carried out by this man who at that time held the position of commander in chief of La Cabaña fortress.

Ernesto in the same way, was appointed president of the National Bank of Cuba, it was an absolute catastrophe. The Cuban peso lost all its value against other foreign currencies due to what I was explained many times in this blog. Socialists have no idea about ​​economic. 

Che's crazy ideology.

This person defended moral stimuli over material ones. He thought that by giving flags and honorable medals to Cuban workers, they were going to increase production and work voluntarily or for free. This was something absolutely utopian, something insane very far from reality. That is why I have explained that Socialism is an ideology, not an economic system. That is why all Socialist Governments end up becoming a Dictatorship.

"Cuban workers have to get used to living in a regime of collectivism and in no way can they go on strike"

These were the historic words spoken by Ernesto in Cuba where he warns Cuban workers the consequences of speaking out against the Government System. This character was the creator of voluntary work, which consisted of working for free for government institutions.

As I explained to you in previous articles, Ernesto was in charge of creating the first concentration camp for forced labor located in the Guanahacabibes in Cuba, where they put officials or members of the Communist Party who had not complied with the norms, which were not the same revolutionary enough. That was the first step towards the forced labor camps that existed in Cuba in the 1960s, sadly known as the Military Unit for Production Assistance (UMAP), where homosexuals, Catholics, blacks and religious of all kinds were imprisoned because Che, in addition to being a murderer, was also a homophobic racist and one of the worst. Ernesto Che Guevara has a great responsibility in the creation of those labor camps that were a shame for the Castro regime.


After the revolutionary triumph in Cuba in 1959, the Dictator Fidel Castro ordered the invasion of numerous countries in pursuit of "expanding Socialism" throughout Latin America, which was a failure. The list of countries invaded or supported by Cuban troops is long:

Panama 1959
Nicaragua 1959
Dominican Republic 1959
Haiti 1959
Argentina 1962
Venezuela 1967
Peru 1960
Guatemala 1960
Colombia 1964
El Salvador 1980
Bolivia 1966

These operations were direct attacks on the existing governments in the aforementioned countries. That was Che's mission in Argentina and Bolivia. Trying through armed struggle, destabilize existing governments, create panic in the population and thus overthrow to come to power and apply Socialism as a form of government. Che was a tyrant, not a liberator as thousands claim.

Many people who knew Ernesto and felt admiration for him, years later, when they saw his behavior, began to feel fear about him, the fear of which I speak so much in all my writings. Despite all this, at least we have to recognize this character's sincerity. He always recognized that the establishment of communism necessarily implied violence, although many today continue to deny it, despite historical evidence. It is incredible that people all over the world continue to raise the image of this psychopathic, homophobic, killing machine named Ernesto "Che" Guevara a clear example of all the damage caused to humanity by the Cuban Communist propaganda.