Trends of a society. Obesity and its definition.

"Love yourself as you are." It has been the slogan in advertising campaigns of all kinds at the hands of companies related to the world of fashion mainly. Companies like Nike have discovered a market niche interested in overweight people and have decided to exploit this opportunity at all costs. The use of obese people in order to promote diversity and self-respect has become an everyday thing, being one of the best strategies to increase the catalog of offers and thereby maximize the sales of this Company, just to give an example. Love yourself as you are is the typical message that we are all tired of hearing but which very few of us interpret.

Marketing and its direct impact on our lives.

Beyond selling a product, brands sell a lifestyle, emotions and dreams. I, like all of you, have been victims of what I am telling you here, which is why they are capable of selling us the same product every year, only changing its concept to present it as something new and revolutionary in many cases. They do not promote anyone in particular, they all present a problem and a solution to it with obtaining their products or services. In the same way, all these brands or companies promote a lifestyle aimed at a niche of specific people who will feel identified with the product or service in question. It is for all this that many times we buy products that we do not need. It's that easy to manipulate a human being...


I would like to make it clear that I do not repudiate, reject or marginalize overweight people. Everyone is free to lead the life they want. All people in this world should be respected equally, regardless of their physical appearance, sexual orientation, religion, race, or ethnicity. The problem is in the big companies which are promoting this complex disease as something normal or even cool when in reality science and life itself have shown how serious obesity can be, not only for human beings. The list of diseases caused by being overweight is quite long, here are the most frequent ones.

It is wrong to promote obesity as something normal, something cool that must be accepted by everyone in society which has become a place where no one can present their arguments about it because it is attacked by thousands of people who assume that everyone who speaks against this disease is a promoter of hate when it is not like that at all.

The manipulation to which this large sector of the population is being subjected has made many not assume the responsibility that this problem represents and instead attack anyone who tells the truth about it, cataloging them as insensitive, racist and even violent. I invite everyone to look for the statistics related to the number of deaths each year due to obesity throughout the world or in your country of residence and you will see how alarming the figures shown are.

I repeat again, I have nothing against overweight people, the talent of each one of them, their abilities and what they can contribute to our society will always be the most important thing. My problem is the message that the big brands try to implant in people's minds through the aggressive marketing that they apply that is not correct and they are only creating a society of weak people without responsibilities who bother to hear the truth.

On the other hand, like obesity, anorexia is a disease that causes serious damage to the organs of our body and can eventually cause death or lead to other diseases in individuals who suffer from it. I do not agree with the promotion of this lifestyle at all because it would be promoting something that is wrong again. I hope I have made my points clear in this article anyway…

Everyone is free to do what they want with their life, although I firmly believe that the support of all these large corporations would be of the utmost importance in spreading the correct message, especially aimed at the new generations, in order to promote human values ​​that many have lost as respect, responsibility and sincerity. We do not need a society where the harmful is continually applauded and accepted by all. We need people with values ​​and the family is the strongest and most important link to achieve this goal.