Is Cuba a safe country as many affirm?

For decades the Cuban Dictatorship has promoted tourism throughout the world. Fidel has sold the country as the perfect tourist destination for all those who wish to enjoy a fantastic vacation in total peace and harmony in a warm Caribbean country. For many years the reality of what really happens in the country has been hidden due to the lack of an independent free media in the country, but this reality has changed thanks to technology and the courage of many people.

In Cuba every day crimes of all kinds occur but they are never shown on national television or on digital platforms. Its happens due to the poverty in which the country finds itself. Obtaining any product or raw material is an odyssey, so crime is a daily occurrence across the country. Assaults and robberies in Cuba happen daily, I was the victim of many when i lived there.

The same thing happened to several of my friends including foreigners. Precisely foreigners are easy prey because they do not know the country and how it works however, foreigners are protected in a certain way by the Dictatorship because they brings money every year into the country, although that does not protect these people from assaults in the streets. Foreigners can be assaulted in multiple ways including by the Cuban police who can fine foreigners for anything and make them pay money which they then distribute between themselves. 

In Cuba the law does not exist and because of this Police has the power to take away products from sellers or simply use intimidation. Many tourists have been exterminated just to steal their belongings. There are thousands of accusations of people who have lost a member of their family as a result of a crime that occurred in Cuba, but the Cuban Dictatorship do not care about it.

Stealing in Cuba for many is a way of life, for many it is normal, a hobby. Cuban society is allowing human values ​​because of Communism and this is not all.

When you live in a country like Cuba, you must be ready to fight anyone 24 hours a day in any situation. Living outside the capital is even more dangerous because people have fewer economic resources. A person can be robbed or assaulted for anything. It may be because of the clothes you wear or because of the home appliances you own inside your home or simply because of hatred. 

Remember that I have already explained that Communism promotes hatred between people, so they hurt each other and the Dictatorship takes advantage of it. Someone robbed my mother's house and the police never found a culprit. There are people in Cuba who can steal with impunity before the law. This is super important that you understand it. In a socialist or communist system, people are not governed by the same laws, there are privileged people as happened in times of kingdoms. For example.

I was robbed in my own home in broad daylight by my neighbor. Even with the evidence that this person was guilty, he was blameless. Well, it happens that the mother of this individual works for an organization that is subordinate to the Dictatorship, so this lady convinced the police that her son was innocent and the crime went unpunished. I lost my belongings but even worse I lost the credibility of the Cuban justice system which is corrupt and does not work.

It turns out that when some Cubans return to the country (not my case) their belongings are searched at the José Martí airport in Havana Cuba by the personnel who work there, with the intention of stealing products from their luggage for personal consumption. There are numerous videos on the Internet that show Cuban authorities stealing the belongings of both Cuban and foreign passengers. A total shame and a reflection of the government system that exists on the other hand… The Cuban does not have legal guarantees that allow individuals to obtain large sums of money. This I have already explained before but I will repeat it again. 

The Dictatorship does not allow ordinary people to generate large sums of money. The only people who have any kind of wealth have an agreement with the authorities in power, as in China. Any business carried out in Cuba must be processed through a state organization which is in charge of setting the rules in order to steal money from the people who participate. This applies equally to Cuban and foreign citizens. Forget the free market, that does not exist in Cuba! Most private economic activities are illegal. 

Socialism eliminates private property and although in Cuba there are people with private businesses, the majority have many limitations that do not allow them to advance and grow in their business. In the same way, it happens that when a person has a lot of money, the government looks for a legal way to take it away. There are no legal guarantees that protect Cuban businessmen. Talking about this issue would be important because many people, not having sufficient knowledge of how the Cuban Dictatorship works, try to do business in there and fail.