The fashion of being a communist. Communication skills.

The Communist propaganda that for decades has shown a perfect society where equality exists and all citizens have the same duties and rights (which would be absurd in a society because by nature we are all different) has been a discourse that has captivated many around of the world. No one has been able to escape the effects of this carefully crafted marketing strategy. There have been countless politicians, artists and intellectuals who in some way have given credibility to this ideology, influencing the minds of others who do not have the slightest idea about it.

That is why today, being a communist for many has become something great, a trend synonymous with rebellion and freedom against a supposedly oppressive Capitalist system. The saddest thing about this situation is that the vast majority of these people claim to be Communists simply because they have read concepts with which they feel identified. They have never lived in such a system of Government and yet they assume that it is the correct way to achieve equality in countries where Democratic Governments prosper with Capitalist economic systems.

There is no greater ignorant than the one who defends Communism living in a Capitalist country.

I invite anyone who reads my articles and identifies with Leftist ideologies to live in Cuba for a year with the salary of a Cuban and what that entails. Everyone is free to defend what they think is right, but supporting and identifying with an ideology such as Communism, which has exterminated so many people throughout history, is pathetic to say the least. It is curious that being a communist is a fashion for many when it is showing that, like Communism, Fascism applied the same ideological principles in practice. This type of inconsistent way of acting in many, is what I do not quite understand. A culture has been created that attacks Fascism and applauds Communism and Socialism when everything is the same thing in practice and there are clear examples. Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Russia, China, North Korea and Vietnam are the clearest.

As is logical behind all this communist promotion there is a clear objective or at least that is how I see it, which is to create a government system that has the capacity to control everything and that will not happen as long as reason and free expression exist. In Cuba there are people over 50 who still believe in Communism because they simply still live tied to the past and have not been able to accept reality. They gave their lives to a system that betrayed them and it is a trauma that many have not been able to overcome. Despite this, these people deserve respect because even living in misery they believe in a system that does not work in practice.

Socialist Communism can be summed up in a New System of Feudal Government of Modern Slavery where a family or group of people has absolute control of a territory and does what they please in it. As it happened in times of kings and kingdoms.
Being a communist is not a fashion, and I hope it is far from it. The manipulation has led many to believe in false paradigms which can be easily disproved just by reviewing history or listening to the experiences of people who have personally suffered the horrors of said System. My position is solid regarding Communism, I am anti-fascist and anti-communist because I know the damage caused by the implementation of this ideology in a society. I have tried through my words to explain everything related to it without omitting a single detail.

Equality in a society does not consist of taking the goods from the rich people and giving them to the poor. It consists of educating everyone equally so that in this way, everyone has the ability to generate their own wealth, whether spiritual or economic, without the intervention of the State.

Wearing a t-shirt with the image of Che does not make you a cool person, on the contrary, it makes you ignorant and unaware of history.