Cuban emigration reaches its highest figures in its entire history.

Emigration has been throughout history a natural process in which human beings, including all kinds of animals, have decided to travel thousands of kilometers in order to establish societies in favorable places that stimulate their development. In the past, emigration was fundamentally due to the need to explore new lands in search of more and new natural resources, although all this has changed today.

Product of all the conflicts and situations that have occurred in our societies, emigration has been the consequence of failures in policies applied by many existing governments which practically force citizens of said territories to move to other parts of the world in search of new opportunities, leaving behind part of themselves.


This country is not the exception to the rule and emigration has been the most effective way by which Cubans, in 63 years of Military Dictatorship, have tried to escape from that hell. The Cuban migratory wave or Exodus as many call it began to be founded in the 1960s and 1970s with the departure from the island of more than 260,600 people, a process which intensified in the 1990s with the fall of the Socialist Camp of the former Soviet Union. ( Russia )

After the declarations of the then Russian president Mikhail Gorbachev on December 25, 1991 where he made public his resignation and with it the abandonment of Socialism as a government ideology due to the poverty in which the Russian territory sank after having participated in so many wars. Fidel Castro understood that all the privileges resulting from the friendship forged between the two nations had come to an end and with it the economic aid that each year came from that country.

Since the Cuban State is a parasite of Russia, the collapse of the Socialist Camp resulted in shortages in the Caribbean country, which at that time had an economic infrastructure destroyed at the hands of Fidel, who never bothered to assert the human rights of the working class, used the economic capital inherited from previous political administrations to build personal businesses and eliminated private property by centralizing the economy in a political party incapable of assuming the responsibility of supplying an entire country.  This crisis that occurred in the 1990s was called the "Special Period" and is considered by many to be one of the harshest events Cuba has ever experienced.

All this situation caused by such a crisis was reflected in the Cuban population, which was going through one of the most difficult moments in its history where, as at present, access to basic means of life was a practically impossible task and where it was also It is forbidden to protest because in Cuba there is no Freedom of Expression and demanding natural rights is paid with jail.

Measures taken by the PCC.

The Castro family led by Fidel, as a result of all the popular pressure and the appearance of an imminent social outbreak as a result of all the existing problems, publicly announced that any Cuban who did not agree with the policies of the Revolution was free to leave the country by their own means.

This announcement resulted in more than 32,300 Cubans escaping on improvised rafts from the island, setting a record in the numbers of Cuban emigrants at that time. In the same way, there were many actions carried out by repressive bodies at the service of the Cuban Military Dictatorship to prevent these people from achieving their dreams of Freedom. Countless are the anecdotes that narrate the horrors experienced by people who tried to cross the Florida Straits in search of North American lands.  

In many cases, the Cuban border guards themselves invested the weak boats of those who tried to emigrate in order to sink them. In addition, bags filled with sand were thrown from Cuban navy helicopters in order to eliminate anyone who did not agree with their policies. The saddest of the stories occurred on July 13, 1994 where 41 Cubans were exterminated when they tried to leave the island by means of a public transport boat from the city of Havana. These people were not armed, they were not a group of kidnappers or terrorists. They were Cubans tired of living in a totalitarian system who decided out of such desperation to leave the island that way. Among the disappeared were children, innocent people with whom no mercy was shown. A fact which has been manipulated by the Cuban Dictatorship thereby hiding the truth of what happened.

Barack Obama and his betrayal of the freedom of Cuba.

It was precisely during this man's mandate that the Cuban Military Dictatorship further intensified the repression of the people as a result of the weak policies implemented by the North American Democratic Party, which throughout history have always responded to left-wing Socialist interests. They consisted of lifting economic sanctions imposed by previous administrations that prevented the enrichment of the PCC and with it the evasion of the measures established in The Embargo, in addition to promoting ties of friendship between both nations.

History has shown that the Cuban State only yields when pressured otherwise it uses violence as a form of social control. It is impossible to establish a dialogue with a government that is not legitimate, that has not been democratically elected and that imprisons people for thinking differently from them. With this type of people Barack Obama decided to talk.

As a consequence of all this circus, in January 2017, Barack Obama himself put an end to the “Wet feet, dry feet” policy, a program established in 1995 by the Clinton administration in response to the large number of Cubans trying to escape the island, which it granted citizenship to all Cubans who touched North American lands, on the other hand, the fate would be different with all those who were captured in the waters of the Florida Straits, who would be returned to the island. This program was part of a law called the “Cuban Adjustment Law” which is still in force today.

The departure of more than 650,000 Cubans is calculated up to that year (2017), placing the Cuban community as the third largest established in North American territory and the main person responsible for the development of cities such as Miami, which many classify as a reflection of what was Havana in the 50s.

Current figures.

After the numerous protests that occurred throughout the Cuban territory as a result of the discontent and total disagreement of the population with the policies established by the current government system. The Cuban Dictatorship has put into practice a series of repressive actions to sow terror in the population and ensure that the people who protest or do not have thoughts for the purposes with which the Dictatorship professes decide to leave the country for fear of the consequences that it may represent fight to achieve freedom. All this in conspiracy with the Socialist governments of other American countries such as Nicaragua, which allows Cubans to travel to this territory without the need for a visa, knowing that they will use the country as an escape route to the United States. A previously agreed business between both countries where both governments benefit.

So far this year (2022) an alarming figure of more than 150,000 Cubans emigrated to the United States has been reported, one of the highest figures compared to previous Exoduses where most of the people on this occasion arrive at North American borders by land through Latin American countries starting with Nicaragua as I explained previously. In the first months of the mandate of the current president of the United States Joe Biden, a number of more than 170,000 Cuban emigrants were reported requesting asylum in the country, all of them illegally.

The total number of Cubans emigrated outside Cuba in more than 60 years of Dictatorship amounts to more than 1,600,000 people, which represents 14% of the Cuban population, data that points to an absolute truth that is impossible to hide or manipulate and reveals the failure of the Cuban revolutionary process.